Welcoming Immigrant Neighbors — Blount County

Our Mission

  • to encourage dialogue about issues related to immigrants; 
  • to build better understanding among immigrants, their communities, and members of local receiving communities; 
  • to support and learn from immigrant communities as they engage in civic and political life; 
  • to promote more just and reasonable immigration policies; 
  • to partner and support local immigrants in connecting with community resources; 
  • and to foster a welcoming atmosphere in which all people are treated with dignity and respect.

Get involved! There are many ways to connect, engage, and contribute, including:

  • Send us an email to receive occasional email with news and information about opportunities for service and advocacy on immigration issues.  
  • Learn from your own neighbors about the impact of our immigration policies.
  • Contact local, state, and federal legislators to advocate for just policies related to immigrants and immigration. 
  • Donate to support critical needs of local immigrant families, community education and awareness programs, and other initiatives. 
  • Assist with ongoing interpreting/translating needs.

You may also make a donation to support WIN-BC’s ongoing mission.