Welcoming Immigrant Neighbors — Blount County

Our Current Initiatives

  • Accompaniment Teams – Three teams of volunteers are each paired with a local migrant family, befriending and offering a range of different types of support as they navigate our complicated immigration process.
  • Fundraising for rent and utility assistance for undocumented immigrants during Covid-19: In April 2020 WIN-BC launched our first significant fundraising campaign in order to address the dire financial situation faced by many undocumented neighbors who are not covered by unemployment or stimulus funds. The fund — which raised approximately $10,000 and was supported by over 60 local donors — is providing assistance for rent and utilities in partnership with another long-standing local agency, Good Neighbors of Blount County.
  • Power of Attorney workshops – Assistance for families to complete Power of Attorney documents designating a caregiver for their children in the event of detention or deportation.
  • Speakers/programs on immigration issues for faith communities & civic groups ‐ One‐time presentation or a four‐week workshop/study with local speakers, video, etc. designed for faith communities, neighborhood groups, and civic/community organizations. Programs can be tailored to different needs.
  • Referrals to local resources and information for immigrants – Providing information about immigrant-friendly community resources. 
  • Dental Clinic – Thanks to generous support from local dentists, WIN-BC has coordinated basic dental care for more than 50 local immigrants who are not eligible for other forms of dental assistance have received low-or no-cost dental services over the last year.
  • for videos sharing of resources with local immigrant communities.
  • Community Food Connection of Blount County – The Community Food Connection of Blount County is a nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to reducing food insecurity for citizens in Blount County and helping individuals and families improve their quality of life.
    • Address: 137 N Calderwood St. / Alcoa, TN 37701
    • Hours: Monday: 10am-12pm; Wednesday: 10am-2pm; Thursday: 5pm-7pm; Saturday: 10am-12pm